Tuppeny Barn – Food Glorious Food!

To support our topic “Food Glorious Food”, the children visited Tuppeny Barn which is an organic small holding in Southbourne. Their vision is “To create a better future for our children through inspiring communities to learn about sustainable and organic food.” Our children had a fantastic day learning about how our food comes from the field to the fork, conservation and supporting wildlife, recycling, sowing seeds and harvesting leaves.

The children had several workshops, exploring the grounds and discovering nature, cooking with vegetables and leaves harvested from the soil, making paper plant pots and sowing bean seeds in them (which the children could then take home) and making smelly strips. These are sticky paper strips which the children could stick aromatic herb and plant leaves on.Organic sustainability and recycling underpinned each workshop. The children had a great time and this is what they had to say “It was fun and my favourite bit was when we went to find the smelly leaves.” I loved the cooking time.”