Charity Work

Our school, like most, receives many requests from organisations to be involved in charity initiatives throughout the school year.

At Rumboldswhyke we have a planned involvement with a variety of charities which we believe enable our children to deepen their understanding of the needs of other people and ways in which they can help others.

These projects are phased throughout the year and the three years of a child’s time at Rumboldswhyke to fit positively in with the topics the children undertake.

The Sussex Snowdrop Trust
Since the beginning of this local charity which supports the families of children with life-threatening illness, our children have raised money each year in one of two ways.

  • Every three years we hold a sponsored run round our school grounds and the children seek sponsorship from their families and friends. Proceeds are shared between the school and the charity.
  • In the two years between each sponsored run the school has a collection at the Christmas Celebration. All the money collected goes to the charity.

St Joseph’s Night Refuge
Our gifts at our school Harvest Thanksgiving Service are sent with those from the parish service to St Joseph’s.

Guide Dogs for the Blind
Our families collect foil which provides funds for the scheme to train guide dogs.

Comic Relief Red Nose Day
Every other year this charity holds a special day to raise funds. Our children have a non-uniform / fancy dress day with fun activities. Families are invited to send in a donation for the charity.

Each of these regular charity events are underpinned by teaching and learning activities associated with the charity and are included in the development of the specific topics covered at the time.

In addition to these regular activities we occasionally respond to a topical need as it arises e.g. filling shoe boxes with items for children in countries at times of desperate need.

(All our charity work forms an important part of our Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship curriculum.)