Keystage 1 Visit to The Blue Reef Aquarium

in Southsea

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Car Ferry

The children enjoyed a day off from school to visit the Blue Reef Aquarium. The visit was to help inspire them about their half term topic, Marine Safari. There was a lot to see such as, clown fish, puffa fish, sharks, seahorses, stringrays and sea otters. Reading the facts at the side of each tank gave the children a lot of information that they could take back to school and use in their work.

Each class had a talk with a marine biologist who showed them two types of crab and a starfish. They were allowed to look at the them close up and were able to touch, if they wanted. The biologist shared some interesting facts with us such as a starfish has an eye at the end of each leg and if one of its leg gets damaged, it will grow a new one.

Later in the day the children sat on the beach watching the activity taking place on the water at Southsea seafront. They noted the Isle of Wight, Gosport, the difference between ferries and cargo ships and the speed of the hovercraft. The children then completed a geography sheet noting the things they could see and then drew an observational picture of one thing they found really interesting.

childen looking at jelly fish children reading the information child touching a starfish
children looking in the stingray tank child touching a crab fish