Forest School

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As part of hands on learning experiences, Mr Saxton has started Forest School activities. As with any activity it is important to have rules, so dressed in their old clothes and sitting under the trees on log stumps, the children with Mr Saxton, discussed what the rules should be. The children decided that they should;

1. Always look where they are going and don't run.
2. Always make sure an adult can see them.
3. Make sure they always listen to the adult and stay safe.
4. Not pick flowers without an adults consent.
5. Not climb trees.

With rules established, the fun could begin!

children making rules
child smelling garlic child smelling onion The children's first activity was to go on a sensory walk around the Forest School area. The children were looking for cards which were infused with the smell of garlic, onion and lavender, it was their job to identify which card was which.
The second task was to make elder bracelets or necklaces. Before cutting and collecting the wood, the children left an offering to the 'Elder Fairies'. The children discovered that the branches of the elder were filled with a soft substance that when removed left tubes of wood which were easy to thread. The children then decorated their elder tubes which turned into lovely pieces of jewellery.
child making an offering to the fairies child chopping wood child making necklace
child making necklace child with bracelett child with necklace
mud creatures The children enjoyed getting mucky making mud creatures. Using their imagination and natural resources around them they made some wonderful creations. mud creatures mud creatures
The final activity the children enjoyed was printing. They collected leaves and flowers from the Forest School area and, using wooden mallets, smashed the fauna between two sheets of cloth to leave an imprint. The children then made frames from elder and stretched their cloth over them. The result was fantastic and they looked beautiful hanging on our tree.
children smashing leaves children smashing leaves making a frame Frames hanging from tree
stretching design over a frame finsihed design

The children evaluated their experience of Forest School and our feedback was so positive that this area of our curriculum will be developed over the coming years.