Colours - A Taste of the Rainbow

Autumn Term 1st Half

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children in role play area This half term we have welcomed our new children to school. They have spent their first few weeks enjoying some exciting activities such as, self portraits, fruit prints, weaving, playing outside and most importantly getting to know one another and the adults in school. They have been learning about the colours around us and have enjoyed looking at books such as The Hungry Caterpillar and Handa's Surprise.
going to the market The children went on their first school outing to the market to look at the wonderful colours of the fruit and vegetable stall.We bought some produce and then later enjoyed making fruit salad, pumpkin soup and vegetable skewers with it. The pumpkin soup was especially exciting as we had to harvest our own pumpkin from the garden first before we could cut it up to cook. We all tried the fruit salad and the soup, some of us thought it was yummy but others didn't like it at all! cutting vegetables
pumpkin soup trying the soup
Some children decided to make their skewers into repeating patterns! vegetable skewer vegetabel skewer  
Having read the book Handa's Surprise we thought it would be a good idea if we tried to make a fruit carrier with the construction equipment in the class room. We had to think carefully about how our vehicle would move and how to protect the fruit from being damaged.
child with carrier child with carrier child with carrier child with carrier
We like to go outside and play in all types of weather. child under an umbrella on bikes collecting rain in a sacepan
  playing with water watching rain using guttering to watch the rain run down
flitter jars We have had a busy time making flitter jars. These are
jam jars filled with water, food colouring and glitter.
After shaking the jar we then shone a torch light
through it and looked at the different patterns being
reflected onto white paper.

We have been looking at Autumn colours and have used them for inspiration in our work. We used a template to cut out our leaf shapes. We then mixed colour and painted our leaves in all shades of red, yellow and brown. Afterwards we had a tray with leaves in, which we looked at, felt and smelt. We then used adjectives to describe what we had felt/observed.
We also drew our pumpkin and used pencils to colour it in. We used vegetables to make colourful prints and tissue paper to make a collage of Elmer the Elephant.

children painting leaves poster making a collage of Elmer the Elephant

In maths we have been learning to write numbers, count, using different types of equipment, order Elmer Elephants, make sets of different insects and make repeating patterns. We have been very busy!

Making insect groups
ordering numbers ordering Elmer
counting using conkers ordering numbers
Some of our other activities.

The children love the sandpit!

We liked the feel of the pumpkin seeds on our fingers.

Feeling pumpkin seeds
Learning to play and solve problems together.
Working together
Messy play in the mud kitchen.
mud kitchen.

Making a boat using the equipment around us.
Using toys to feed our imagination

Using a magnifying glass to look closely at insects.
Investigating with a magnifying glass

We use the interactive whiteboard to help us form our letters correctly.

using the whiteboard

We like to share the bikes and cycle on the path around the field.
PLaying on bikes

Loving school!

Bouncy Hoppers