I'm Special

Autumn Term 2nd Half

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child's sewing This half term we have been looking at ourselves through our role play areas, self portraits and feet families. We have found out about the Hindu Festival of Light, Diwali and have made Divas. For Christmas we made calendars and enjoyed our Christmas Celebration service in
St George's church.
Children sewing
The children have enjoyed two role play areas; the Medical Centre and the Post Office. They have been learning how to take care of the toys as well as one another. In the Post Office they wrapped smaller parcels, weighed them, put them into the delivery tray and when outside on the bikes, delivered them in the playground. Some parcels were just too big to wrap!
Children in role play area child in role play children delivering parcels
We have learnt about the Hindu Festival of Light, Diwali. We made our own Divas and, when decorated, went into the hall and lit candles in them. It was very special. Child making a diva children celebrating Diwali
Playing skittles child ordering feet ordering numbers

Using Cusenaire, we have been learning our number bonds to 10 and have used them to help Jack get back to the giant's castle.We have also been learning how to order numbers and have been using Advent calendars to help us.

We have also been sorting our families' feet from smallest to largest. Firstly we drew round our feet at home and then cut them out. At school we arranged them into order and labelled them.

Child's portrait We have been looking carefully at our faces and have painted detailed portraits. It was important to mix the correct colour paints together so that we had the right skin colour. When the base colour was dry we then drew or painted the details of our faces on top. Some of us even added hair! child's painting Child's portrait
Children in the rain We like to play with our friends using all the different equipment in school. It's fun and we enjoy being outside in all sorts of weather! Child playing with sand water play

children using construction equipment Den making children drawing on the outside chalk board Children sweeping the rain

In Literacy we have been using adjectives to describe how objects feel and have been practicing our letter formation on the interactive white board

We have had some fun work at home to do. We were asked to decorate and fill a shoe box with our special memories. It could be anything we wanted, from cuddly toys to special event tickets. Each one of us had the chance to show our memory box to the class and talk about the objects inside. Everyone was very good at listening!

Tinsel marbles and cotton wool child with memory box
We had fun making our own pizzas. We added water to the flour mixture, kneaded the dough and rolled it out. We then added toppings to make them look like a smiley face. Once they were cooked we were able to take them home to share with our families. Children pizza making Kneading dough child adding toppings