The Jolly Postman

Summer Term 1st Half

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The Jolly Postman

This half term we have been looking at The Jolly Postman and the fairy tales within the book. The children really enjoyed sharing this book together. As homework the children either drew or took photographs of their house/number. Using this information they enjoyed being a postman in the role play corner sorting the numbers into order. Some children were even able to sort the numbers into odd and even piles. Later they looked at houses and the materials used to build them. The children were able to sort materials into groups - hard, soft, rough and smooth, count bricks and build their own houses.
children enjoying a book together
display of house numbers post office sorting materials
building counting bricks Den building

The Three Bears

Programming Bee Bot with an algorithm was great fun. We had to make it travel to the different pictures in the story. It was hard to remember to press the cancel button twice between each move.
We looked at capacity and filled different containers with porridge finding out which held the most and which held the least. Later, we made porridge and all had a taste, it was yummy. We asked our friends which was their favourite topping out of jam, honey, sugar or syrup. Our tally showed us that jam was the favourite!

programming Bee Bot child eating porridge
child making repeating pattern using paint The Witch

We have made repeating patterns on houses - just like the gingerbread house in Hansel and Gretal. We also used the whiteboard to create our own gingerbread houses. We used sweets and cakes to make patterns. We also used a variety of materials to fill our house shape to make a collage. We had to think carefully about shapes and sizes.
child on whiteboard
child's collage
The Giant
Child's collage

At the beginning of the half term we planted beans and other seeds. We measured them weekly as they grew and recorded our findings. We used different items to measure such as tape measures, rulers and cubes.
We made bean shakers using old plastic bottles. We used beans and pulses to fill the bottles and experiemented with the sound they made.
Looking at castle pictures we thought we would try and draw our own using charcoal. We found it quite tricky.

Child planting beans
Bean shakers drawing castles in charcoal castle picture
The Big Bad Wolf
child playing skittles  
Playing skittles we imagined we were knocking down the little pigs' houses. We had to count up how many there were left.
We made wanted posters for the Big Bad Wolf, thinking carefully about his character and how we would describe him.
We also made playdough biscuits for Little Red Riding Hood to take to Grandma
wanted poster child making playdough biscuits
Finally we finished our topic by finding out what shoes Cinderella should wear to the ball and why. The children came up with some amazing answers such as 'the ballet shoes would be best as they are safe and soft' and 'the glass shoes would not be good as glass is delicate and would crack when they hit the floor'.
For Cinderella's wedding we designed her a wedding cake. We colour mixed to make sure we had exactly the colours we wanted.
shoes child painting