F Rumboldswhyke Infants' School - Examples of work in the Early Years Foundation Stage


Wild and Wonderful

Summer Term 2nd Half

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This half term we have been looking at the wonderful world of nature. We loved looking carefully at all the different animals in our books. It was difficult choosing one to paint! Once chosen we looked carefully at all the details so that our pictures could be similar. It was tricky mixing the right colours. child's painting child's painting
  child's painting child's painting
We have been creative making animal habitats, using shoe boxes and collage materials. We needed to think carefully about what our animals would need in their homes. The tube for fresh air was the most important! habitat
We have been growing our own potatoes and beans. We particularly enjoyed planting the seed potatoes. Once we had harvested them, we had to wash them, cut them up and cook them. Everyone tried some, they were lovely! Some children pretended to be in a shop and weighed out portions for their frineds.
Harvesting children with harvested potatoes washing potaoes child with beans
eating potaoes wieging
We have been pond dipping in the school pond and it was amazing what we found. Everything from pond snails to newts, it was very exciting. We looked at a chart to try and work out what pond creatures were in our nets. We looked at some of the creatures more closely using magnifying glasses and a microscope. pond dipping
pond dippind pond dipping pond dipping
number bonds

In maths we practised our number bonds. We pretended that we had either 10 or 20 animals and we had to split them so they could go on each side of the ark. We then recorded our findings on whiteboards.

We also made models with wheels and measured them. After rolling them down ramps we discovered which ones travelled the furthest.

number bonds ramp
After watching our butterflies hatch, we thought about the symmetry of their wings. We made patterns with Numicon on a template and made sure that we had made them symmetrical.
symmetry patterns symmetry patterns symmetry patterns
Each summer the Red Arrows come to the Festival of Speed at Goodwood. We were very excited to watch them from our school field. We made our own aeroplanes with paper and flew them in the playground seeing whose flew the best. Some of us launched them from the tower to see if that made them fly further!
children with paper aeroplanes flying planes planes from the tower