Marine Safari

Key Stage 1 / Year A - Autumn 1st half

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children looking at fish

To inspire us for this half term's topic all Year 1 and 2 children visited the Blue Reef Aquarium in Southsea. We saw many different types of fish, some were beautiful but others looked quite scary. Whilst we there we went to the seafront to look at the geographical features of a seaside town and made notes about the things we could see. We thoroughly enjoyed our day and came back to school full of ideas.
Children enjoyed designing and building a lighthouse. They had to think of all the features that make a lightghouse important and incorportate them in their design. They talked together too about why a lighthouse is important to ships and the role they play in saving lives.
child with model child with model
lighthouse design
Child computer drawing During Computing we drew seascapes using the computer program Colour Magic. Thinking about the environments we had seen at the aquarium, we learnt to fill the background choosing an appropriate colour. We drew shapes, filled them with colour and then used the stamp tool to create our masterpieces. child computer picture
child computer picture child computer picture

In Maths the children have been learning about time. Year 2 children have been learning about telling the time in analogue and digital. Year 1 children have been using clocks to demonstrate o'clock and half past.

The children have also been learning to order numbers and partition them into ones, tens and hundreds. (Place Value)

children ordering numbers place value
analogue and digital clocks child with clock ordering numbers

As part of our Religious Education studies children have been looking at what makes them special. They have spent time talking to their friends to find out what they think and then recorded what they found out.
The children have also been finding out about harvest festival and wrote about why we have to be thankful to God.

Year 1 work on what makes me special Child's harvest work
We looked very closely at a fish to see its different parts. Then we learnt what the function of each part was. We found the gills very exciting as they allow the fish to breathe under water. We then recorded our information by labelling our own sketch.. Fish
children looking at a fish labelled fish
Geography brought us a new challenge. We made a collage showing all the different things you might see on a coastline, from sand to cliffs. We then had to find out something about them and label our collage with the information we had discovered. We found out some interesting facts such as sand is made from ground rock and shells, the sea is a large area of salty water and that rock pools are a pool of water that is left behind when the tide goes out. We also discovered how many different creatures live in these pools.
Sea Collage Sea Collage
We have found out so much information about the creatures that live in the sea that we decided to make a class book. Each child made their own page, writing important facts they had discovered, thinking of catchy titles and similies to make their page more interesting. Here are just a couple of pages to give you an idea of the exciting work that has been taking place! Page of book Page of book
Collage Collage Sea Models
Shell observational drawing

Finally, some of our fantastic seascape collages, shell observational drawings and sea creatures modelling work!

Sea Models