Pirates and Explorers

Key Stage 1 / Year A - Spring 2nd Half

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To inspire the children for this half term's topic they visited the Historic Dockyard and looked at HMS Victory. It was amazing to think this wooden ship sailed the seas back in 1765 and that it was Lord Nelson's flagship during the Battle of Trafalgar. The children loved exploring the ship. In the afternoon there were various workshops for the children to enjoy such as hat making, treasure hunting and orienteering.

Lord Nelson's plaque
children going to the ship children listening to a guide child in pirates outfit children enjoying a treasure junt
Pirate Day was exciting for everyone. We were all dressed up in costumes pretending to be pirates. Children enjoyed a variety of activities such as making instruments, telescopes, jewellery and pirate hats. The children used their instruments to accompany the shanty songs they sang. Outside they had an obstacle course to contend with, being careful not to fall in the water, be eaten by sharks or have to walk the plank! child making a pirate hat child with her instrument
children on obastacle course children on obstacle course

In Computing, using iPads, the Year 2 children have been making an instructional video on how to build a pirate ship. Each child explained a part of the process and then in groups they joined the clips of film together adding transitions, titles and credits.

children working on iPads children looking at their work on a computer children videoing each other

The Year 1 children filmed videos of each other talking about their pirate maps in detail. They explained the features of their treasure map in detail and then told the viewer where the treasure was buried. On completion they uploaded their video to a laptop to watch it.

All the children enjoyed designing and drawing their pirate maps. They added features such as quicksand, volcanoes, mountains and swamps. The Year 2 children extended their work by adding co-ordinates, north,south, east, west and a key.

pirate map
In maths the children have been
looking at fractions. They have
been practicing dividing unifix
cubes into quarters and measuring
strips of paper carefully and then
cutting them into halves.
dividing into quaters cutting paper into halves


Pirate design

In Design and Technology the children thought carefully about the materials you need to build a waterproof and strong boat. They designed their boat in their topic books and then set about making it. It was important that children tested their boat and see where improvements in their design could be made.

children testing their boats
At Easter the children learnt about the Easter story. To consolidate their learning children made Easter Gardens and acted out the story in St George's church at our Easter Celebration with friends and families
children making Easter garden children making a cross for their garden Easter Garden

Each Spring the children make both Easter and Mothering Sunday cards. They use a variety of art materials and styles making the cards different each year.

The children love to take home some daffodils for Mothering Sunday and enjoy cutting them from the school garden.

child painting
child decordating his card child making a daffodil posy artwork artwork Easter Egg card
  Daffodil card daffodil card Mothering Sunday card