Watch it grow!

Keystage One Year A - Summer 1st half

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This half term we have been investigating how things grow. The children have enjoyed learning about plants and animals and now the weather is better have particlulary enjoyed learning outside more often.

Our role play area was a colourful florists. Here we learnt how to take money, give change, make flowers and arrange them!

florist shop

We have been looking at the different parts of a flower and learning their functions. We have learnt how important it is for a plant to have strong roots to support it, leaves to absorb the sunshine and look pretty to attract insects to land on them.

Labelling our flowers was difficult. We had to make sure that we could fit our text in the space allowed for it and that our information was in the right place and it was clear to read.

flower diagram flower diagram
In pairs we planted a pea in a jam jar ensuring that it had enough water and light to grow. Once it had developed, we planted it in compost, watered it regularly and measured how much it had grown. We wrote a diary about our learning, click here to see more!
Pea Diary front cover Pea plant
In Literacy we looked at the book Fantastic Mr Fox. It helped to inspire us to improve our sentence openers. We have found that using 'Did you know?' and 'Let me tell you' makes our work much more interesting. We also looked at character descriptions and found interesting words and similies to describe Mr Fox.
child's work child's work
In Computing this half term the Year 1 children have been creating an animation film about the life cycle of a flower. They have used the stop/go method of creating their film: a photograph is taken, the scene is moved then another photograph is taken and so on. Eventually when the children have all the photographs they use an app on the iPad that joins them all together to make the scene animated. By way of explanation the children are shown an old fashioned flick book. Please enjoy our stunning animation film!

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Children have been using shapes to divide into halves and quarters.

The children have also been learning about money. They used different combinations of coins to make either 10p,20p, 50p or a £1. They used their sheets to record their findings.

child dividing into quarters child dividing into halves coin sheet

The children have been learning about the artist Vincent Van Gogh and particularly his painting of 'The Sunflowers'. As part of their Art lesson the children looked carefully at real sunflowers and used oil pastels to recreate the bold, bright colours in their own art work.

The children have also been sketching lilies, using shading to create texture and add detail.

The result of their art work is stunning!

sunflowers painting children drawing
Observational drawing
art in stages
Using the hall wall bars was fun. We had to make sure that we were quiet and safe. We explored all the different ways we could move on the equipment. child on equipment children on equipment children on equioment