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Keystage 1 / Year A - Summer 2nd Half

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chichester  cathedral Our children walked into Chichester to look at the city centre, admire the buildings and note the interesting features such as plaques, carvings and types of wall ties. It was interesting to compare the old and new buildings and the different types of building materials used.The children then moved onto the Cathedral where they sketched a part of the building they found inspiring. It was fun to work out if the sun dial was telling the correct time. child sketching

The children took great pride in making leaflets to encourage visitors to come to Chichester. They thought carefully about areas of our city they would like to describe. After research they wrote out their information and added pictures to make their leaflet appealing. Click here for an example leaflet.

The children also enjoyed portraying Chichester Cathedral in art form, as you can see, the results are stunning!

cathedral art work
cathedral art work cathedral art work
During Design and Technology the children thought about planning a playground. Using their ideas the children drew their plans and carefully labelled them. Then using different art materials or Lego they built one aspect of their design. They experimented with different materials to find out which ones worked best for their design.
plan child's plan
child constructing children constructing child constructing with lego
child with a constructed slide child with constructed playgroud swing
This is the time of year when we think about the transition of our children, Early Years Foundation Stage to Year 1, Year 1 to Year 2 and for our Year 2 children it's time to move to their new schools. It's both an exciting and nervous time. The children take part in visits and transition activities to make the change smoother. One activity the children enjoy is to think about their memories of the past year, quite often they forget just how much they have achieved! a child's memories
The children visited Father Tim at St George's Church to look at the vestments he wears. They found out that the colours worn represent different times in the church calendar, for example purple is worn during Advent and Lent. They also learnt the names of the different clothes he has to wear. Back at school the children drew Father Tim and labelled their drawing with the information they had learnt.
children in church child in vestments child's work
During computing the Year 2 children made a book of memories. In pairs they thought about one aspect of school that was special to them. Then they wrote about it on a page in the electronic book. During their second computing session they found their page on the school's computer system and edited it by changing font colour and size, adding a background and embedding media. During an assembly the whole school watched the finished book; the Year 2 children were very proud of their achievement!
page from the book page from book
page from the book page from the book

Finally it is the end of another year at Rumboldswhyke Church of England Infants' School and time for us to say a fond farewell to those moving on to exciting challenges in their new schools. At our Leavers' Service in church the Year 2 children were presented, by the Chair of Governors, a poetry book as a momento of their time at our school.

child being presented with a poetry book poetry book cover