Up, Up and Away

Keystage 1 / Year B - Spring Term

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child by aeroplane This topic spans the whole of the spring term. The first part of the topic covered flight and the second part a local famous historian. To inspire the children at the beginning, they visited the local college and went on a Chichester Airways 'flight'. Although it was a pretend journey, the children enjoyed a drink and snack, listened to the safety instructions and watched a video about the seas and continents of the world. children in aeroplane
The children enjoyed reading the book The Way Back Home by Oliver Jeffers. This inspired them to write their own letters giving the boy on the moon ideas of how he could get back home. The letter had to contain key structures such as where the letter was from, the date, who the letter was to and who it was from. For an example please click here. Cover of book

The children found out about the Wright Brothers and their first flight. They re-counted the story in their own words. To work out how far the plane travelled the children measured and walked the distance in the playground. Having made paper aeroplanes the children then launched them in the playground and measured how far they flew.

Year one Wright bros  work Wright bros Year 2 work

Using data collected last term about eye colour, the children created graphs on the computer. Year 1 children used the programme called Early Essentials and the Year 2 children used Microsoft Excel. They discovered how important it was to enter the correct data and how easy it was to change it and produce a graph without having to start again from the beginning.

The children have also been learning about e-safety and designed a poster to remind children about the dangers of the internet and the rules to keeping safe online

children computing poster
Excel graph graph using Early Essentials
During the second half of the term we learnt about algorithms, a set of instructions,
and how they have to be accurate to make computer programs work. Using a variety
of iPad apps we had fun writing algorithms to make things move. When it didn't work
we had to think hard and debug our instructions.
Tynker screenshot app for coding app for coding

Using playdough Year 1 children have been finding out about fractions. They rolled out dough and then cut it into halves and quarters.

The Year 2 children were learning about fractions using number. They used multi link to help them work out the number sentence on the board.

children cutting dough children cutting dough child using multi link to work out a fraction
Tim Peake Fact File We have been finding out about Tim Peake our local famous peson who went to the Space Station in 2016. We researched facts about him and thought of amazing questions we could ask if we were ever lucky enough to meet him.
Having applied to the European Space Agency we were sent some rocket seeds. We tried to grow them but weren't successful. We decided that we had not provided the seeds with the right growing conditions.Tim Peake
We designed our rockets on paper. We made our rockets following our design and using junk modelling. We soon discovered it was not easy to follow our design perfectly and that when designing it is important to look at the shapes carefully. child design and made rocket
child with rocket child with rocket
United Kingdon We found it interesting looking at maps and globes and finding where the seven continents and five oceans were. We looked in detail at each continent and found out some facts about them, such as; Kangaroos live in Australia and Mount Everest is in the Himalayas in Asia. We also looked at the United Kingdom and discovered the countries that make it up and their capitals

Facts on Asia

We have been looking at the seasons of the year. We have learnt about the structure of poems and have tried writing our own. First we drew a calendar of the seasons and thought of words to describe them. This made our poetry writing easier.

We also looked at the poem The Sound Collector by Roger McGough. We walked around the school and collected sounds that we could hear. Then we put the sounds into our own poem. Click here to see our work.

seasons calendar

Easter cards were fun to make. We enjoyed looking at different materials and patterns and used them to make a layered effect for our cards.

Card design Card design Card Design Card Design