Transfer to Junior School - Managing the
"School run"

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Many parents worry about the school run particularly, if you have children both in Rumboldswhyke and Central school - how do you get from one place to the other on time? Here are some ideas from parents who have been in this situation before! Please read on you may find it helpful!

One of the benefits of living in Whyke and sending our children to Rumboldswhyke is that we can walk to school every day. The children start the day with fresh air and exercise and can work off some of the excitement of the new day, arriving in their class ready and relaxed for the fun ahead! Walking not only benefits the children and you but also helps the environment!

Children's drawing
Children's drawing
Children's drawing

When your child moves on to Central and you have another child who is already at or starting
Rumboldswhyke School, you may feel that walking is not so easy. To enable you to walk you can leave your child in Central's supervised playground area from 8.45 in the morning and in the afternoon Central does not end it's school day until 3.25pm. It only takes a short time to walk from Rumboldswhyke, through Whyke, through the town and across to Central. This route avoids most of the busy traffic and gives you and your child time to talk and observe the surroundings.

Many parents during their time at Rumboldswhyke make friends who, when it is time for the children to move on to Central, decide to share the walking, with one parent taking the older children to Central and the other parent taking the younger children to Rumboldswhyke. Quite often groups of parents get together and set up 'walking trains' this seems to work equally as well.

So as you can see you can find ways to enable you to continue to walk once your child moves on to Central. This regular and pleasant form of exercise will also hopefully encourage your child to remain fit as he/she grows older.